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Apache Behavioral Health Services

Contact numbers: (928) 338-4811

The Apache Behavioral Health Services Victims of Crime Unit has existed on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation since 1992 to increase awareness of how domestic violence and child abuse were destroying many lives and families on the reservation. The program provides services to victims of domestic violence, child physical and sexual abuse, rape, and other violent crimes. The program provides victims with advocacy services, assistance in working with the legal and law enforcement entities, Apache translation services, transportation to and from shelter homes, and counseling.

Catholic Community Services in Western Arizona

Contact numbers: (928) 341-9400    (877) 440-0550

Safe House, Yuma’s only domestic violence shelter, has the capacity to shelter six adults and their children at any one time. In addition to emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence; Safe House provides transitional housing, individual and group counseling for both the victim and their children, out-patient crisis counseling, victim advocacy including assistance with orders of protection, sexual assault and counseling.


Contact numbers: (602) 254-9000 – 24/hour hotline
(866) 205-5229 – toll-free hotline
(480) 736-4949 - 24-hour sexual assault hotline
(480) 784-1500 - 24-hour crisis hotline
(866) 205-5229 – 24-hour toll-free hotline

EMPACT-SPC’s mission is “To build strong families and communities by helping Arizona youth and adults cope effectively with the challenges of life. This is achieved through compassionate and innovative prevention, counseling, crisis, and training services”. EMPACT-SPC has been a leading, non-profit, behavioral health organization for over 13 years providing services throughout Maricopa County in-home or at one of their three office locations (Tempe, Phoenix, and Glendale).

EMPACT crisis departments offer professional 24-hour telephone and in-person services to victims of sexual assault/abuse or family violence, and to individuals and families needing crisis or suicide intervention or critical incident debriefing.

Working together as a crisis mobile intervention team, a specially trained certified Master-level therapist and a Bachelor-level specialist provide on-site, in-home, and in-office interventions, coordinating services with police and fire departments, hospitals, advocacy centers, and other mental health agencies and emergency/crisis services.

Interagency Council

Contact number: (928) 453-5800

The Interagency Council is a non-profit social service agency providing a wide array of services to victims, including 24-hour crisis intervention, court advocacy for initial appearances, status hearings, obtaining orders of protection and hearings if requested, referral and resource information, emergency shelter, transitional housing, individual and group counseling, family counseling and children’s groups. Also, through the 24-hour crisis line, domestic violence counselors are available by pager to assist with emergency situations.

Las Familias

Contact number: (520) 327-7122    TTY (520) 327-8235

The mission of Las Familias is to facilitate the healing process of children and adults who experienced childhood sexual abuse. It is the goal of Las Familias to have the resources needed to provide adequate services to all eligible clients who request services regardless of the client's ability to pay. Treatment is based on the philosophy that children need to be protected from victimization by adults and that both children who have been sexually abused and adults who were molested as children should have access to services that will alleviate the trauma. Services to family members permeate all program areas. It is the firm belief of Las Familias that treatment must occur within a safe and supportive environment. All applicable laws, rules and regulations are adhered to.

Northland Family Help Center

Contact number: (928) 774-4503

Northland Family Help Center provides shelter care and counseling for victims. A 14-bed shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic violence provides safe short-term residence, advocacy, counseling, and education. A separate 14-bed children’s shelter offers short-term residential care, counseling and case management for children 0-18 who are victims of child abuse, neglect, homelessness and other family crises. These services are free. Individual and group treatment and advocacy is provided for adult and child victims of sexual assault or abuse and other forms of family/relationship violence. A batterers intervention program includes counseling groups for family members.

Pinal Hispanic Council

Contact number: (520) 466-7765

Program focus is on victim services inclusive of domestic violence, child physical and sexual abuse, and sexual assault. Program services include crisis intervention, assessment of needs, advocacy, emergency financial assistance, assistance in filing compensation claims, and referral to services. Follow up response includes supportive services and advocacy. Additionally, the program conducts workshops for local service providers, and conducts neighborhood family style workshops (platicas).

Prehab of Arizona – Outreach/Outpatient Counseling

Contact number: (623) 939-6031

The Victim Outreach Services program is an important part of the comprehensive delivery of support services available to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and elder abuse in northwest Maricopa County. The program provides outreach and case management, helping victims obtain needed medical, legal, financial, housing assistance, as well as providing individual and group counseling and follow-up to overcome the trauma of abuse and empower them to lead violence-free lives.

Casa - Center for Prevention of Abuse and Violence

Contact numbers: (602) 254-6400

Casa was formed in 1973. The agency serves children and adults in Maricopa County. Casa's mission is to provide all male and female victims of violence (verbal, emotional, sexual, and physical) with professional prevention, education, and counseling services. Casa's counseling services include individual, family and group treatment.

Southern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault

Contact numbers: (520) 327-1171
TTY: (520) 327-1721
(520) 327-7273 – 24-hour crisis line or (800) 400-1001

The mission of SACASA is to reduce the trauma and incidence of sexual assault by providing treatment and promoting prevention of sexual abuse, incest, molestation, and rape. The Center provides services to include: crisis intervention, specialized therapy, advocacy, prevention education, and professional training. They serve primary and secondary victims of recent and past sexual assault. In 1999 Su Voz Vale was created to meet the needs of minority women in underserved portions of South side Tucson and is the only bilingual/bicultural program in Southern Arizona offering crisis and on-going counseling services to victim/survivors of sexual violence.


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