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Amberly's Place

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A center that utilizes an innovative, multidisciplinary, "victim centered" approach to aid victim's of child sexual and physical abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, and elder abuse. This model approach to case investigation, prosecution, and intervention is designed specifically to aid victims of these crimes.

The Center has a fully equipped medical examination room and on-call medical personnel to perform the necessary evaluations to assist in evidence gathering and immediate medical needs of the victims.

The facility is staffed by victim advocates, volunteers, law enforcement personnel, and other representatives from various agencies and community service providers to serve as resources for victims. The advocates at the center are trained in crisis intervention to assist law enforcement personnel and provide support to victims and their families in handling the multitude of tasks presented during these very personal and invasive crimes.

Attorney General’s Office of Victim Services


The Arizona Attorney General’s Office of Victim Services is a comprehensive, service-oriented unit established to promote and facilitate justice and healing for Arizona’s crime victims and to provide state and local governmental assistance in ensuring crime victims’ rights and access to justice.

With office locations in Phoenix and Tucson, the Office of Victim Services is staffed by a director, assistant director, state victims’ rights coordinator, four victim assistance coordinators, two administrative assistants, an assistance clerk, and more than 40 trained volunteer advocates.

The Attorney General’s Victims’ Rights and Assistance Program provides thousands of services, annually, to more than 7,000 crime victims, with the types of direct assistance including:

  • accompaniment to attorney interviews and court proceedings
  • pre-trial, post-conviction, and appellate notification services
  • claims’ assistance services, including compensation and restitution
  • thorough and formal referral to community resources for specific needs’ assistance
  • advocacy in dealing with other agencies
  • guidance in the completion and submission of Victim Impact Statements
  • follow-up counseling and guidance
  • criminal justice system information, especially with regard to the appellate process

    The Victims’ Rights and Assistance Program also exists as the only criminal justice entity in Arizona ensuring that every victim whose case is appealed to the state and federal courts receives, upon request, his/her rights to post-conviction notice of the direct appeal process, procedures, and case outcome.

    For more information regarding Victims’ Rights and Assistance, you are encouraged to contact the Attorney General's Office of Victim Services at (602)542-4911.

    Bullhead City


    This is a prosecutor based victim rights office that assists victims by notification of court dates, offering referrals to additional services as needed, complete impact statements, obtain orders of protection/harassment, request for restitution and sentencing that is presented to prosecutors for all misdemeanor cases that have a victim. Services of Court Advocates are used when victims need assistance in court for initial appearances and all succeeding court dates. The Crisis Intervention team responds to crisis calls from local police department, fire department, hospital, sheriff department and Federal Park Service in local area for trauma counseling at the scene.

    Chandler Police Department

    E-mail address:

    The Chandler Police Department services include patrol, traffic, investigations, community services (PAVE, D.A.R.E./GREAT, block watch, domestic violence, and victims of crime assistance), special enforcement team, narcotics investigations, neighborhood response team, communications, planning and development, and property and evidence storage. Services for victims of crime include the presentation or mailing of an information pamphlet for victims of crime; educating children to recognize and deal with domestic violence; and provide contact and referral support, as well as meet the basic emergency needs of victims of crime.

    Cochise County Attorney’s Victim Witness Program

    E-mail address:

    The Cochise County Attorney’s Victim Witness Program provides crisis intervention to victims of crime anywhere within the county, 24 hours a day. Volunteers, paged out by law enforcement, are on call in five different county areas to ensure prompt response. Staff and volunteers provide resource referral, transportation, courtroom accompaniment, death notification, and a variety of other services. The program is the designated victim compensation entity for Cochise County.

    Victim/Witness Services for Coconino County


    Since 1984, Victim/Witness Services for Coconino County has been serving victims of crime and crisis in Flagstaff and throughout Coconino County. Staff and volunteer members are available for telephone and/or on-site crisis intervention 24 hours a day by calling the Flagstaff Police Department at 774-1414. Agency services include: crisis intervention; information and referral; emergency shelter (for crime victims only), food, and clothing; follow-up intervention and service; comprehensive victim advocacy; victim compensation information, assistance, and advocacy; victimology - prevention, identification and intervention education; Critical Response Team training and development, and group crisis intervention/debriefings.

    The Elder Affairs Program

    Office of the Arizona Attorney General
    E-Mail address:

    The Elder Affairs Program (EAP) of the Attorney General’s Office is a multi service unit established in 1987 to respond to reports of elder abuse, neglect and financial exploitation as well as consumer fraud of the elderly. On a statewide basis, the three-person staff and trained volunteers provide advocacy services on behalf of consumers who write to the office on possible violations of the Consumer Fraud Act, provide mediation services to resolve disputes between individual consumers and businesses, provide information and referral services, and conduct training and prevention programs on a variety of issues to professionals serving older adults and senior citizen organizations. In 1997, the staff, with support of 24 volunteers, handled 631 cases, recovered $367,000 for consumers, responded to 3,965 calls for information and referral, made 45 presentations to Adult Protective Services, law enforcement agencies, professionals working with older adults, and senior citizen organizations.

    Gilbert Youth & Adult Resources

    Gilbert Police Department

    Gilbert Youth & Adult Resources is a social service agency within the Gilbert Police Department. Our goal is to be a resource for the Gilbert community and provide quality social services to improve and strengthen families. We provide crisis intervention 24-hours a day, including holidays. This service provides on-call counselors and volunteer victim assistants to the Gilbert Police and Fire Departments who respond to assist citizens in the community when a crisis occurs. Follow-up and short-term counseling is available for such individuals, groups, and families free of charge, as well as, linking citizens with the appropriate information and referrals.

    Glendale Victim Assistance

    E-mail address:

    Glendale Victim Assistance is a Police Department-based program that provides comprehensive services to crime victims who are Glendale residents or victims of crimes investigated by the Glendale Police Department. Services include 24-hour on-scene crisis services, information services to help victims successfully interact with the criminal justice system and to recover from the impact of the crime, assistance with Orders of Protection and related domestic violence issues, investigative and court support to victims, short-term counseling, limited financial assistance (including the cleanup of homicide and suicide scenes), and referrals to other community resources. The program is also responsible for the Department’s compliance with Arizona’s victims’ rights mandates. Glendale Victim Assistance began in 1975 and over the years has been recognized nationally for its excellence.

    Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Victim Witness Division

    (602)506-8522 Victim Witness Division
    (602)506-4955 Victim Compensation Bureau

    The Victim Witness Division provides criminal justice, victims’ rights and case status information for victims of crimes committed by adult and juvenile offenders prosecuted by the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, as well as victim notification for court dates, conviction and sentencing. In addition to these services, victims are provided victim assistance services, including, but not limited to: social service referrals and advocacy with service providers, short term counseling to assist victims in the emotional recovery from the crime, escort to criminal justice related events to provide emotional support, advocacy with the prosecutor, facilitating a victim’s wish to make a statement to the court regarding sentencing, release hearings, restitution, plea agreements and assistance in applying for crime victim compensation.

    Mesa Police Department Victim Services Unit


    The City of Mesa has a population of 350,000 people. The Mesa Police Department consists of 635 sworn officers and 333 non-sworn. The Department also has a Victim Services Unit. This unit has been in existence since June of 1993. The unit is housed out of the Center Against Family Violence located in Mesa, Arizona. It presently consists of six full-time employees and 41 volunteers. The unit offers a variety of services to victims. Immediate on-scene crisis intervention is provided 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Victim Services volunteers or staff respond on an on-call basis to provide the emotional and informational support needed by victims. They also provide follow-up calls and social service referrals. In addition, short-term counseling, along with a support group, is presently offered at the Center Against Family Violence for victims of domestic violence. For more information regarding this program please contact: Cindy Heard, Victim Services Administrator, Mesa Police Department, 130 North Robson, Mesa, Arizona 85201, (480) 644-3232, FAX (480)-644-4084.

    Mohave County Attorney’s Victim/Witness Program

    Sarah's House
    Phone: (520)718-5522
    Fax: (520)718-5527

    Through our concern and compassion for victims, the Mohave County Attorney’s Office established a Victim/Witness Program in 1990. In January 2000, we moved the Victim/Witness Program to Sarah's House - Victim Center. Sarah's House is designed to assist victims of crime by offering victims services at the Center. As well as the services we have provided to victims in the past, crisis intervention, emergency shelter, damage repair/replacement, emergency transportation, mental health referrals, victim compensation and victims rights notification. We also provide domestic violence court advocacy and assist in filling out and filing of orders of protection.

    When Sarah's House opened, it offered various agencies - i.e. law enforcement, CPS, APS, etc., the availability of two separate interview rooms with video and audio taping capabilities, a children's playroom, and medical exam room equipped with state of the art medical equipment in order to conduct rape and child molest exams in a quiet and safe environment and offers victims the privacy they so desperately need following the crime.

    Navajo County Attorney’s Victim Services Division


    The Navajo County Attorney’s Victim Services Division is located in the County Attorney’s Office at the County Governmental Complex on South Highway 77, Holbrook, Arizona. The Director of Victim Services is Evelyn G. Marez. The mailing address is: P. O. Box 668, Holbrook, Arizona 85025, and the phone number is (520) 524-4332.

    This division serves the needs of victims of any criminal activity that is prosecuted by the Navajo County Attorney’s Office. Those services include, but are not limited to, crisis counseling, legal advocacy, legal education, courtroom orientation and courtroom escort, assistance with victim impact statements and notification requests, and referrals to additional resources.

    All areas within the physical county borders of Navajo County, including Indian Reservations, are served by this office with information and assistance in filing for Crime Victim Compensation funds.

    Peoria City Attorney’s Victim Assistance Unit


    The Peoria City Attorney’s Victim Assistance Unit, based in the Prosecutor’s office, provides assistance to victims of misdemeanor crimes heard in the Peoria Municipal Court. Services provided include information on the criminal justice system, notifications of hearings and case status, resource referral and information, restitution and compensation assistance and advocacy. The unit is available to accompany victims to court. Staffed by a victim assistance coordinator, and a part-time victim advocate, the unit also utilizes trained volunteers who are interested in victim services and the criminal justice arena. The Victim Assistance Unit may be contacted at (623) 412-7414. Bilingual assistance is available.

    Phoenix Victim Services


    The City of Phoenix Victim Services provides information, and emotional support to victims of misdemeanor crimes that occur in the City of Phoenix. The types of services include: court escorts, assistance in applying for orders of protection and injunctions against harassment, explanation of a victim’s rights and the criminal justice system, referrals to social service agencies, a separate waiting area to minimize the contact with a defendant during court, transportation, parking and child care for court related activities and emergency shelter on a limited basis. The hours for the program are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. excluding holidays. The phone number is (602) 261-8192.

    Phoenix Police Department

    Victim Services Unit

    The City of Phoenix Police Department has established a program to assist victims of crime and their families through the criminal investigative process.

    The Victim Services Unit provides case related information, referral services for counseling and other community services, and assistance locating resources for any immediate needs as available. Our goal is to assist victims of crime in establishing a sense of power and security over their circumstances. We are committed to ensuring that all victims know their rights, resources available, and are provided with the support and information necessary to expedite the investigative process. Information on Victim Compensation is also available. All Victim Services Specialists are trained to work with crime and trauma issues. We are located within various police units, and work directly with officers and detectives; each is readily available to assist you. We maintain a superior standard for all the people representing the Victim Services Unit of the Phoenix Police Department.

    You may contact the Victim Services Unit with any questions or concerns at (602)534-2123. Please contact us at this same number if you would like information on becoming a volunteer with this unit.

    Pima County Attorney’s Office Victim Witness Program


    The Pima County Attorney’s Victim Witness program provides comprehensive victim services. On-scene crisis intervention is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Victim notification, trial preparation and court accompaniment are provided by assigned advocates. A Kids Learn About Court program and a critical incident stress debriefing team are also available. Advocates have a variety of specialties including custodial interference, child trauma, sexual assault, domestic violence, older victims, gang violence etc. Pima County victim compensation is also located in this office and assistance is provided in filing claims. Any crime victim issue or concern will be dealt with directly or the client will be linked with appropriate referrals.

    Scottsdale Victim Assistance Program


    The City of Scottsdale has established a Victim Assistance Program for victims of misdemeanor crimes committed and charged in the City of Scottsdale. The goal of the program is to provide court-related education information and community referral and assistance channels that empower victims to regain stability and fully invoke their rights during the criminal court process. The Victim Assistance Program offers court accompaniment, case status updates and assistance with filing protection orders and compensation claims. Volunteer opportunities are also available. For more information, contact the Scottsdale Victim Assistance Program, 3700 North 75th St., Scottsdale, Arizona 85251. Office phone number (480)312-4226 Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

    Tempe Social Services


    Tempe Social Services CARE7 Crisis Response Team provides 24-hour, on scene, crisis intervention. The team is called to the scene by the Tempe Fire or Police Departments. On the crisis scene, CARE7 is able to fully focus on the emotional and practical needs of the family and/or individual in crisis while the Police and Fire personnel attend to law enforcement, medical emergency, and fire suppression needs.

    CARE7 provides a continuum of care by linking victims with follow-up services including counseling and advocacy. Services for victims of domestic violence include continued emotional support, assessment of victim safety, and linkage to community based services. CARE7 also provides legal advocacy services. Advocates assist victims in obtaining orders of protection, accompany them to court hearings and offer other support and information.

    Tempe Social Services outpatient Counseling Program provides low cost counseling to Tempe residents and families with children in Tempe schools. Victims who are referred to the counseling program by CARE7 are eligible for three free counseling sessions.

    Yavapai County Attorney Victim Witness Division

    Prescott, Camp Verde
    (520)771-3485, (520)639-8186

    Yavapai County Attorney’s Victim Witness Division serves crime victims through two offices: Prescott Office, 255 East Gurley, 3rd Floor, Prescott, Arizona 86301, (520)771-3485, and Verde Valley Office, 3505 West Highway 260, Suite 107, Camp Verde, Arizona 86322, (520)567-7757. The following services are available to victims of felonies and misdemeanors: Crisis intervention, court advocacy, information and referrals, notification of court hearings, and other services. On-call advocates can be reached on a 24-hour basis by contacting law enforcement in the victim’s jurisdiction.

    Yuma County Attorney’s Victim Services Division


    The Victim Services Division of the Yuma County Attorney’s Office provides victims’ rights notification, both adult and juvenile; provides crisis intervention and counseling; schedules felony victim conferences with deputy county attorneys; schedules defense interview requests; escorts victims to conferences, interviews, and any court proceedings as requested; administers the Crime Victim Compensation Fund Program; assists victims with referrals to appropriate community resources; offers a Victims of Crime Support Group; coordinates and administers a Victim Advocate Volunteer Program.


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